Monday, October 24, 2005

Birthday Weekend -- Part One

Friday. Slept in late, went to my favorite cafe for a tasty pastry, and hit the shops to try and find something new to wear to the theater. Came up fairly empty handed (well, one top and one evening bag, not nearly enough for one birthday girl) but managed to score a free coffee for my birthday. (Hint: It never hurts to ask for free stuff on your birthday, hell, on any day.)

Made it home in time to clean up the apartment so some friends could join me for champagne. D1 & D2 popped in at around 5 and T1 & T2 made it shortly thereafter. New favorite birthday combo: Champagne and pumpkin pie!

D1 and I had to be at the theater at 8, so he and I and the two T's decided to go to dinner at Home. I figured that I deserve macaroni and cheese for dinner, it being my birthday and all. Well, here's where the first unexpected moment of the evening took place. My wonderful friends were trying to get me a free drink or a free dessert (why not? isn't that standard with birthdays?) but the waitress claimed that she couldn't. This wasn't that big of a deal, but after our meal was over, and the boys were paying the bill (love those boys) the hostess walks over with a little cake. Everyone applauds and starts singing Happy Birthday to you! and we get set to dig into the cake, when our waitress comes over, grabs the cake from under my nose, and says, This isn't for you; this is for that table over there.

I'm in a bit of a state of shock at this, and I simultaneously start laughing and crying. The gay guys (it's the Castro) sitting next to us are so stunned that they say that they're going to complain to the management about how utterly ridiculous (and un-Homey) this is. Someone must have said something, because la-dee-da...our waitress comes back over a few minutes later and bingo! A new cake magically appears.

Of course we didn't eat it; I'm sure she spat in it.

D and I go to the theater and see a fabulously amazing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! Tennessee Williams is my favorite playwright, and I've never seen him live before, so this more than makes up for the earlier events of the evening. But the play is a bit long, and I'm thinking of taking a cab home (I'm a bus gal)...but when we pop out in front of the theater, who should magically appear, but T1, complete with his car. He says that he's here to give me a ride home, so I jump in the front seat. T1 says, Wait. Close your eyes. I have a little surprise for you!

Close. Close. Close.

And then the second unexpected moment appears:

A little cake from T1 & T2 from Citizen Cake. The two of us go back to our building to watch A Streetcar Named Desire and polish off the cake and a bottle of champagne with our other neighbor (sounds like we live in Melrose Place! Well, minus the sleeping with everyone in the building!)


Anonymous Vanessa said...

Despite the unfortunate cake debacle it sounds like a great day.

10:36 AM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

Even the unfortunate cake debacle makes it a more memorable day (it's going in a story....)

Make that a memorable weekend!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Julia said...

Champagne and pumpkin pie! Another great combo!

Love this birthday update, am moving on to part deux...

(Your friends sound so lovely).

3:06 PM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

They (and YOU!) ARE so lovely....I am one lucky girl :)

3:20 PM  
Blogger Em said...

you and I have something in common. Tennessee Williams is my favorite playwrite too. I have so many books about him and his plays and love seeing them live

love cat on a hot tin roof. Think Glass Menegerie is my fave

sounds like a great day. That hot dog looks sooo good!

4:18 AM  

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