Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today is really all about fashion

This is inspired by something my friend, Julia, was blogging about the other day. She and a friend were out the other night and were surrounded by a bunch of IT geeks dressed in blue blazers and black pants (or was it black blazers and blue pants? is there really a difference?) and she was commenting on how these guys need to purchase a nice suit, maybe Armani, and they would look so stylish and so much more attractive.

I agree, of course, but then I got to thinking about the losers in my neighborhood, walking around in shredded denim, hanging down around their ankles, and dirty t-shirts advertising 90's bands. They shuffle around in flip flops (in need of a pedicure) and filthy sneakers. They don't comb their hair.

It makes a gal wish desperately for blue blazers and black pants. I'd even accept brown loafers with blue socks. This is true fashion desperation.

Excuse me, but when did dressing homeless become chic? And why won't homeless chic just go away? Is it really that difficult to take a shower? Put on clean clothes? Put on clothes that fit? It costs just as much -- whether you're thrifting it or newing it -- to buy something that looks good as it does to buy something that makes you look like you sleep in the sewers (some of them do, but that's a different story entirely). Do these guys honestly look in the mirror and say to themselves: I look good. I'm gonna go score me a little hottie today!

News flash: You do NOT look good. And you ain't gonna score no hotties today (or any day)

I blame Hollywood. And the Olsen twins. (Always an easy solution, isn't it?) Though I suppose the Olsen twins should be blamed for female homeless chic, but, again, that's a different story entirely.


Blogger Julia said...

I blame Sienna Miller.

PS very honoured to make it into your blog!

3:36 PM  

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