Monday, September 26, 2005

A Call For Permanent Fridays!

What I want to do today:

  • Curl up on my comfy chair (okay, that's a about: curl up in bed) with my October Vogue, and carefully read every page while drinking Earl Grey (another lie...while drinking champagne and eating chocolate truffles);
  • Spend the afternoon scrolling through my favorite blogs;
  • Go for a walk through Golden Gate Park with the dog;
  • Order in sushi and eat it in the bathtub while finishing (finally, please) Mrs. Dalloway.

What I will do today:

  • Go to a meeting with a colleague to discuss curriculum changes that I didn't research this weekend;
  • Talk about the fundamentals of argument development;
  • Grade those last few essays that I didn't grade this weekend;
  • Annotate Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic (actually very interesting reading, but not for a Monday);
  • Photocopy.

Why won't someone hire me to eat, drink, read fashion magazines and contemporary fiction, and play dress up? Anyone? I promise, I'm real good at it.


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