Sunday, May 07, 2006

Slightly pissed (you know, drunk) in San Sebastian

I suppose that´s the best way to be, right? (In spite of the fact that the keyboards here don´t work well with drunken typing as they´re all out of order!) San Sebastian is much more mellow, though still fast-paced and energetic, than Madrid, and I´ve spent my first day here walking through the narrow streets of the Parte Vieja, stopping in tapas bars for pinxtos and far-too-much vino. Seafood, especially crab and shrimp (as well as jamon and queso), seems to be the central focus of the tapas here; rumor has it (as reported by the Lonely Planet) that the cuisine in Basque country is some of the (if not the) best in all of Spain; after this afternoon´s eating, I might just have to agree. The tapas are spread out across the bar counter, and (finally finding my bravery) the key seems to be to stride up to the counter and order your drink and tapas like the locals.

After my gastronomic delights of the day, I think it´s time to retire to my hostal for a nice siesta before heading out start all over again this evening!


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San Sebastian is the gastronomic capital of Spain, so eat up!

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